The story of Integral

Jason Grant - The founder of UX Coach Jason Grant, MSc - The founder of Integral

Founder's foreword

Since 1999 Jason Grant was professionally involved in IT, Design, Business, Art and Philanthropy as a consultant and coach. He's had an enormous privilege to help world's best brands leverage Design Thinking to achieve spectacular business results. They did this by focusing on their customers' needs and designing world class innovative experiences for them. His experience lead to a natural inception of Integral.


Redesign Humanity.


By working together we can all create a sustainable global civilisation which we'll all be happy to live in. The best way to achieve this is if enough people get equipped with Design Thinking mindset and leverage Integral approach to life.


Create a self-sustainable model for effectively teaching, mentoring and coaching 1 billion people Integral and Design Thinking.

Create a platform by which we will be able to continuously deliver latest Integral and Design Thinking models to 1 billion community worldwide.

Become true practical catalyst for enabling real sustainable integral, social, economic, industrial and technological progress worldwide.