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Integral Design Thinking for Business is the fastest growing Design Thinking community on social media.


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Integral Design Thinking for Business Community

We are Social at Heart

At Integral we are working on creating a Designed Company.

A Designed Company is social at heart.

Developing and maintaining an active and engaging community is crucial to us.

This is why from the start we created Design Thinking for Business Facebook Group.

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What is the Purpose of the Community?

Design Thinking for Business Community enables us to be social and human in truest sense.

When we started, we didn't know how we could use the community.

We wanted to ideate, prototype and test via it and see what comes from it.

So far, we know that the community can be useful to:

  • Present your thoughts on a Design Thinking related topic
  • Discover and sharing examples of where Design Thinking works
  • Discuss important topics which need opinions from smart, capable Design Thinkers thinkers
  • Connect with influential industry leaders who are shaping the trends in Design Thinking
  • Promote projects you work on to potential participants
  • Find out about important tools, methods and approaches to Design Thinking
  • Learn about Design Thinking and related methods from industry leading experts
  • Be social with smart people on important topics impacting the future of the world
  • Get booked for public speaking engagements worldwide

As the Community grows, we are likely to see many more different, creative uses for the group.

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Why we use Facebook for Community Engagement?

We thought a lot before committing to Facebook as our focus point for social engagement.

Facebook is by far the most all around engaging social platform on the planet.

Our mission is to 'Coach 1 billion people Design Thinking'.

To achieve it we have to use technology platform with strongest social dedication.

Facebook is that platform.

It has the largest number of users in the world.

On it we can share all sorts of content, including the very important Facebook Live streams.

They engage users and offer an important live Q&A facility, which many members find very useful.

Let's face it, we are all on Facebook.

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We Love Designing

On a pure emotional side of things, us humans love to create together.

Whether we like it or not, we pretty much live on Facebook these days.

Since we love Facebook, we decided to use it for creative and social purposes in the best form possible.

Design Thinking for Business is a fun, creative, appreciative and supporting Community.

We will always serve it, nurture it, grow it and take care of it.

Help create a social revolution and redesign the world in a beautiful way.

We would love to do this through coaching many, many people Design Thinking.

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Published on: 01 Apr 2017

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