No.1 Habit To Develop

This is a habit which will completely change the quality of your life and it is super simple to put into action all the time.


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No.1 Habit To Develop

How Most People Think And Act

Most people think in the following way.

When the time is right, when I meet the right people, get the money and feel good then I will do ...

Most people wait for the circumstances to be right before they can be in the right state.

The right state to do those things they want to do.

This approach to life and business can work.

Most of the time it doesn't.


Because most of the time circumstances are not right and people don't act.

Think Different

How To Think For Progress

Those people that make an impact in the world 'flip the script' on a key aspect of life.

The relationship between their psycho-social state and the circumstances.

The state of their mind in other words.

Instead of thinking that circumstances impact on the way we feel, what we are able to do and so on, we can flip this around.

We realise that it is our state that determines circumstances.

This is the core habit to develop.

Remember, it is you who decides how to perceive the environment around you.

This habit, once in place, has the most ground breaking impact on everything we do.

On our business, relationships, progress, things we create and how we feel.

Make Progress

Practising The Habit

Next time you feel down or like things are not going your way, remember this principle.

As soon as you remember it, think about the ways in which you can change your state to change your circumstances.

There are always lots of things available to you that you can do that will make an impact.

They all stack up to one greater whole.

If you are stuck, reach out to a friend and tell them you appreciate them.

Start a conversation with someone you haven't spoken to before.

Connect with a new person.

Do a round of press-ups.

Make something.

Reframe your thinking from 'this is not working for me' to 'I'm not working for this'.

Ask yourself a question of 'What can I do right now to make the circumstances better?'

Change Your State

It's Available To You Right Now

This is a habit you can accept into your life right now.

No training necessary.

No big research.

No hard work.

Just start doing it right now.

You will see the benefits immediately.

You will start loving it.

Once you 'get it', feel it and experience it, you will never want to go back to any other way of thinking.

Then your life will start turning into absolute perfection.

You can thank me for it whenever you like.


Get It Now

Published on: 15 Nov 2017

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