Designed Company

There is a new type of company emerging in the market place. It is driven by a pure soulful purpose and puts people as the priority.


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Designed Company

Here at Integral we spend enormous amount of time optimising companies.

Starting from our own company, through all our client's projects and organisations.

We learn all the time and integrate our learnings into models of working.

One of the powerful models we developed is a model of a Purpose Driven Company.

It is the backbone of how we look at company strategic architectures.

Let's describe this model.


A company without a purpose is likely heading towards a failure sooner or later.

Purpose is the absolute key to keep focus on everything the company needs to do.

It helps companies design everything that they are going to do and how they will do it.

Purpose needs to be clear, pure and focused on helping humanity.

The best purpose is in harmony with the planet we all share to enable sustainability.


Let's face it.

People are important.

The most important after a strong purpose gets established.

It starts with us, leaders of the company, through employees, then customers.

In that order.

Leaders hire strong employees who serve customers in best possible way.


Systems come straight after people in a designed company.

Processes on how to work together, IT systems, tooling, flow and many other systemic things.

They all need to work in harmony together for the company to operate well.

Systems enable everything else that makes up a designed company.


You might have heard that innovation is the ultimate driver of progress.

This seems to be true as humans evolve all the time and need new things to serve thier life purpose.

This is why innovation must to be a big part of a designed company.

Without it, there will be no value added to customers or the company.


You might think that products are low down in our concept of a company.

Products are important, but they won't happen without People, Systems and Innovation.

This is why they only come into play at this point in the model.

Products include services too.

Our model is as simple as it gets with regards to terms we use.

Everyone understands it as it avoids any technical terms.


Money considerations arise when we start thinking about the pricing and costs.

It doesn't take money to make money.

But money does come into play in companies sooner or later.

It needs considering into great depth.

Projections, cashflow, profits, investments and re-investments.

All very important things to design and get right.


Many company owners are super keen on growth.

They want to grow their company as soon as possible.

It is our experience though that growth is an outcome of getting everything else right.

It's natural, organic, sustainable and continuous growth.

No growth hacking needed.

Natural, integral growth that is meaningful and links back into people.

Growth includes all the best practices of sales, marketing and advertising.

It can and needs to come from within the community that the company creates from its customers.


Modern companies follow an architectural model which enables their progress.

This model is what you can use to make your company progressive.

Reach out to us to help you put this model into practice and help your company fulfil its purpose.

Published on: 18 Nov 2017

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